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SpaceHold to jump (or tap to double jump!)

Collecting bugs allows you to make changes to the area above you. But before you can submit those changes, you have to beat it yourself, to make sure others can follow!


Cairn is a game about climbing a mountain and leaving your mark for future travelers.

In Cairn, you play as Daisy, an intrepid adventurer bound for the top of a seemingly endless tower. Along the way, you're aided by mysterious wildlife that allow you to shift parts of the ground, writing your name into the path before you. Will you create advantages for yourself and for others that come afterwards? Or will you contribute to the havoc of the spiraling monolith?

Cairn is a "live world" homage to Jump King. It carries a lot of the mechanical and visual spirit of the game, but strives to be a little cheerier and significantly more chaotic by allowing players to completely morph the original experience of the game. Any change you make to the world is reflected in everyone else's game, the map you see now is a culmination of everyone's changes across the world.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(188 total ratings)
Authorsrubic, torcado, Camelot, Kavol
Tags2D, Furry, Godot, jumping, Pixel Art


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love the graphics and the music reminds me of those free games on lenovo pcs


the lil furry guy is adorable




Hermano, estás en un juego furry, ¿qué estabas esperando para que los jugadores fueran Sigmas?

(2 edits)

no,no estoy COMPLETAMENTE en contra de los furrys pero aveces dan cringe,ademas lo dije de chiste no es verdad.🤡(me gusta el juego)

Seguro que tienes 10-12 años...

adivino.. ¿como supiste que tenia 12? ademas ta padre (:

what a beautiful little game!!!


i love this silly little furry guy 😁


Is this a strand-type game?

Beat game


Very nice game, LOVE the cute character and the soundtrack. Some of the edits people make are unforgivable though.


Is it nomal for my charcter to dissapear????

(1 edit) (+1)

Very neat game and conept, however the double jump mechanic kinda ruins the Jump King thing by trivializing pretty much every obstacle, I beat everything up until the very end without double jump (didn't realize it existed) and had a lot of fun though.


I got to the top and got eaten by fireflies

is this game has change keyboard input? my "e" button is broken


Oh yeah since it might not be obvious, anyone can play the original level layout seen in the preview gifs if they play this offline! It's been designed so that using the double jump should be completely optional for a challenge!


I wish some people wouldn't use slurs for their names :/

who did?

I saw someone early on used the n-word as their name

I'm not sure if it's still there at all


Hello, whoever reads this I have contacted the artist of the game and I asked them some questions about the ending of the game since I was really curious about it. They told me how in the ending it was supposed to show the player's finish time but it feels mysterious without it and how the fireflies were supposed to warp as well with Daisy (the character you play as). 

Daisy belongs to a group of time witches that were scattered throughout time, and she basically goes off to reunite with her friends. 

It can also be interpreted that she's just resetting her own timeline out of boredom, and as an explanation for why the level is constantly changing. So this doesn't mean she is stuck in a loop, she can leave whenever. The code itself works like a tree, with new timelines/instances branching off the longest one!

And the artist's friend @paradoxrevolver on twitter/x came up with the game idea and the artist is @CameraCore who made the design for the character of the game and answered my questions. 

This game made me really think on life and about this cute little wolf. I know this sounds cheesy but it really did from the charming soundtrack to the gorgeous backgrounds. All I can say is that I hope we get to see more of Daisy since she is such a well designed character.

Thank you Camelot for the help and for this game that you work on with your friends!

And btw, the game was easy for me lol. 


I really liked the game, it's fun, it has a cute character and it has an interesting idea of "community" participation mechanics.

Great music, cute character, interesting jump mechanics.


Great game and idea. I managed to get to the end. Maybe some end scenes would be nice, but very nice game.


love the game, the double jump mechanic does allow for more interesting situations, no complaints from me

but is there an end screen? I made it to the top but then nothing happend. 

game was fun tho, would recomend to others

I didn't know how to move the blocks, so I played the whole game without moving a block! I'm so stupid!


I for some reason can only pick up others' blocks but not place them back down. Help???


Oh nevermind I didn't know the place I was trying to put the blocks was too low to be allowed. That should be shown imo

Deleted 135 days ago

thats how jumping works :P

You can double-jump. But yeah, that part is trickier than the rest of the game because it can't be edited.


a cute little game that’s surprisingly playable despite anyone being able to edit the map, very nice

I beat the entire game not knowing you could double jump... wow


No, seriously. I had no idea how to double jump so I made it easier for people who also didn't know you could double jump... would've been so much easier if I knew.


No u are just singlehandedly popularizing adding challenges to the game on the first playthough, very proud


no wonder I had so much trouble, since my first run was technically a challenge run, but the only real place I had major major issues with was the last stage since there was a platform with a one block gap where a single jump is needed for a very precise moment, I got so mad I moved the block.


Fun :)

I rage quit at the snow stage.


The neat part about this game is that i have no idea what snow part you're talking about


i put an ice block right under the ladder in the snow section :3

Esta bastante entretenido, se volvió fácil con el doble salto

(1 edit) (+2)

i am bad edit: im getting better but that dawg do got some drip


This game is so much fun, I keep logging back in and seeing if I can run the current states of the levels even faster than the last. My best time so far is a 4:20.91, I'll see if I can get it even better today haha!


3:48.04! Easily the best part of trying to speedrun this game is having to work on the fly when somebody moved something in the way of your route in between your runs haha, makes it so much more fun to run than most games of this type

I love it!!! 

can i download this as html?


Funny lil game with a cute lil artstyle and a funny lil character!


took me like 30 minutes to beat it, very fun

Took me a good 20 mins! Really cute, loved the pixel art


I loved your game, I played it on stream and I took forever to understand that i could double jump 

no edits required

My best "speedrun" right now is 7:37.36

I will admit, i could definitely do better.


yes, the game makes it when other people edit, it is possible, so you can do it without edits.


So this is just Furry Jump King?


>:) Furry dominance


imma make some areas IMPOSSIBLE to get to >:)





(2 edits) (+1)

gahh they really didd, ill try making it easier!!

(1 edit) (+1)

lol and I will come back and spend a few extra hours making them EXTRA hard to get to and make it so if you edit it it will become harder... maybe idk

(1 edit) (+1)

Nooo! D; don't ruin meh hard work);

Butthole move lol



very cute game! mastering the double jump in tandem with the standard jumps makes the later parts a bit too easy but very fun nonetheless. when i get to the end nothing happens? little wolf dissapears then i am just left with my unused bugs floating there. not sure if this is a bug or not.

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