WASD or arrow keysMove
SpaceHold to jump (or tap to double jump!)

Collecting bugs allows you to make changes to the area above you. But before you can submit those changes, you have to beat it yourself, to make sure others can follow!


Cairn is a game about climbing a mountain and leaving your mark for future travelers.

In Cairn, you play as Daisy, an intrepid adventurer bound for the top of a seemingly endless tower. Along the way, you're aided by mysterious wildlife that allow you to shift parts of the ground, writing your name into the path before you. Will you create advantages for yourself and for others that come afterwards? Or will you contribute to the havoc of the spiraling monolith?

Cairn is a "live world" homage to Jump King. It carries a lot of the mechanical and visual spirit of the game, but strives to be a little cheerier and significantly more chaotic by allowing players to completely morph the original experience of the game. Any change you make to the world is reflected in everyone else's game, the map you see now is a culmination of everyone's changes across the world.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
Authorsrubic, torcado, Camelot, Kavol
Tags2D, Furry, Godot, jumping, Pixel Art


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this a a very cool game! I loveeee the artwork :))


I forget to edit the map ;-;

(1 edit) (+2)

I annihilated all of your obstacles, I expect you people to make this impossible for me next time. tsk tsk

I made the library checkpoint IMPOSSIBLE NOW MUAHAHA, fr tho I used somewhat of a glitch to get the checkpoint

I love art style, love the gameplay, love the music, I love Daisy's sprits (swore I want those sprits there so cool).

I give this a 10/10

I love we can edit map, i closed the entrance to one checkpoint, good luck

very hard+very fun game

this is so fucking cool omg............................................... thank you


reminded me of celeste and terraria for some reason lol


This is a fun game! Cute animations too!

[at the beginning the orange coat and double jump mechanic was reminding me of Vector in a flight suit lol]


it was really hard to play and I didn't understand the jump mechanic it was frustrating so I give up after 5 min...


when I first started I wasn't expecting the gameplay twist, it was really fun and the game is overall really charming, also, in regards to the ending since I see lots of people mention it, I feel a simple "the end." or "congrats!" would be fine, cheers


I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. i def think there should be a more exciting end tho. and more levels!


very nice game, hard for my skills but good game. 


This is a nice game, but the end is kinda disappointing :/ Daisy disappeared instantly and the game remained with the top of the tower on the screen. No victory music, no end of the story, nothing. :(

The rest of the game is fun though. An interesting concept.


i agree, it felt like the end was cut short, and i thought i had to do something for it to continue. but no, 'twas the end.


and so daisy returned to furafinnity from whence they came






I really like this, the mechanics are naturally challenging but I think this game is structured so its much less rage inducing than jump king. I actually had a lot of fun. 


Ashall, I know nothing about you but your name and the mark you've left on this world. Perhaps one day I will be remembered in the same way.


Quick question, so in browser and zip gameplay. The platforms are disorganized unlike in the page gifs where it is organized. I didn't even see any of it thats closely similar to the gifs. Why is that?


it’s because every block can be moved by people playing the game! you can mouse over shining blocks to see who was the last person to move a block. since the gifs were made, most of the level layouts have been completely changed by players.

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oh thats how it works? I thought it was for an advantage to get to the next level easier. Didn't really think much of the names.

I did have fun playing it regardless. The only problem I can think of is the ending cause it just stops, no credits or loop back to the start


Plus the fact that it's so short, you really don't expect it to just... stop


Beatiful graphic, music with sounds and mechanics:) Gare is really fun to play:D Great job guys:)


Fun game, like the twist with changes being persistent for all players. Could not play for long as at some point the camera got stuck.


Very very lovely!!

The only gripe I have with it is that some of the background elements seem to blend with the foreground, so I end up walking off ledges or thinking I can't go to a place where I can.

Might also be an accessibility problem for people who have difficulty seeing between low-contrasting elements.


i dont know if it is a glitch or mechanic of game, but when i pick a cube i can directly move the player with it to the top, lol